Monday, November 27, 2006

Updates and Uncertainties

1. David's mother's health:
The tests this morning were all good news. We are extremely pleased and hope that what happened was just a random quirk. David sounds somewhere between exhausted and relieved. Strangely enough, I am still ridiculously uncomfortable with the uncertainty. A friend of mine said simply, "Sometimes definitive but bad news is easier to hear than apparently good but not fully satisfying news."

2. Knit Picks Options:
Knit Picks said they are sending me a new cord but did not answer my questions about whether this is a common problem. Nor did they say anything remotely apologetic. I am not sure whether to be pleased or slightly annoyed.

3. WIP Progress:
The Shetland shawl is blocking on the bed. Will it be dry by the time I'm ready to sleep? Is it big enough? I knit 12 repeats, which should have yielded a 70-inch shawl. It did not. I should have used a bigger needle. And--WILL I go to sleep? I really need to spend some serious quality time with the Castle sweater if I am going to finish it for NaSweKniMo....


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much flummoxed by your response from KnitPicks. I'd have expected more...

I agree with your friend about the unease that comes with incomplete answers. Not knowing just what caused the problem leaves one with no clear course of action. Most unsettling... Still thinking good thoughts for you all.

Birdsong said...

I understand about wanting certainty, but on the other hand, cherish the good news unless you hear otherwise! I am looking forward to seeing a photo of your finished shawl.

NeedleTart said...

Glad to hear the news is good, if only in a limited sort of way. I will keep thinking good thoughts for all of you.

jasmine said...

Good news on David's mother, ugh to sweater deadlines, as for knit picks response someone needs to let corporate America know how far a sincere apology can go.


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