Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I made good progress on the castle sweater last night, finishing up to the neckline on the front. I was so excited about the picture knitting, however, that I forgot something:

See that? On the back I knit little indents for a modified drop shoulder. On the front, I completely forgot.

I thought briefly about ripping the front. I thought about waiting until tonight when I go to my knitting group. I knew some of the pros there would hold my hand as I did it--but I also thought it would be quite hard to pick up the twisted stitches and the RTs and the LTs and the P2-b stitches and the like while also drinking wine and having great conversation.

I thought about castling in chess. Ah ha! The old switcheroo: change positions between one piece and another....

So I picked up the perfect sweater back, ripped down past the decreases. What was to be modified drop sleeves now has a different plan of plain drop--and I have about 55 rows of mindless knitting for tonight's group.

The front is going to need a wet block in order to get the stockinette-to- reverse-stockinette areas to lie flat. (Yep--I am lazy bought Sue's moat idea from the comments). Is there still a possibility of finishing this sweater by the end of the month?


Anonymous said...

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are better with your mom-in-law.

I posted the recipe for the german pancakes on my blog:


Kate A. said...

Ha! Great solution to the problem! I've been known to fake-steek away a little extra armhole fabric, and I've also just picked up sts two rows below the BO edge and left the extra 2 rows to sit inside the sleeve forever, rather than rip all the way back and do it right.


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