Thursday, November 16, 2006

Remind Yourself

Son found an old sticky-pad (saved in the pens-and-stickies box next to the phone since the early 1980s?) and took its statement at the top seriously. He decided to post these drawings in the bathroom to remind him of some conglomeration of what he thinks is important and what he thinks I think is important. This is the kind of insight I don't quite know what to do with.

The top picture suggests that if he does these things every morning, he will be happy and if not, he will frown.

He will make his bed, the one on the mattress stand in his own bedroom rather than the patch of blankets on the floor in ours.

He will wipe the toilet seat after he pees.

He will brush his teeth, even in the morning.

He'll then "play school"--our version of second grade.

* * *

Although my mother never really told me what to do (just as I'm pretty free-wheeling about Son's rules), I too made endless lists. Still do.

When I saw his reminder to make the bed, it made me think about going to make my own....


xmasberry said...

too funny. i need to make my bed as well...

Mouse said...

how cute! I make endless lists too.. I just never do most of what is on the list!


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