Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Citizen's Responsibility

A guest blog by 7yo Son, aka The Little Giant:

Today I went to the polling place with my Papa.

The polling place was at a school near our house. In the parking lot, there were lots of signs. There were some for Heather Mizeur, Ike Leggett, and lots of other candidates. There was table with information (and stickers) and people talking and handing out voting guides and sample ballots.

Inside we waited in line to give our name and address. The election judges gave us a piece of paper with our name and a card to insert into the voting machine. Then we waited in another line for a voting booth. There were eleven machines (including one where you could sit down). The line moved pretty quickly.

When we got to the front of the line we were ushered to a voting machine. We gave the judge our piece of paper and inserted our card into the machine. When we inserted the card, the screen showed many names and small boxes next to each name. The machine had a touch screen. When we touched the screen over a box, it filled the box with an x. There were many things to vote for. At the end, we touched 'cast ballot' and our card popped out. We took out the card and dropped in a box in the middle of the room and each took a sticker that said "I voted."

After we finished voting, I interviewed people waiting in line about voting. I asked them two questions. Here is what they said:

Why is voting important to you?

*Because it determines how our government is run.
*Voting helps me represent my views to the government.
*I am proud to live in a democracy. Choosing leaders is my responsibility.
*It shows that we live in a free country.
*Voting is the way that things I care about are addressed by our government.
*Voting expresses my opinions.
*Voting helps change government.
*It allows me to take part in the political process.
*I want government to make changes.
*We live in a democracy and if you don't participate it doesn't work.
*Voting is a privilege.
*Voting is something very special. It is a freedom we enjoy in our country.
*Voting gives voice to what we care about.

What are some issues that are important to you that you want the government to address?

*Ending the war in Iraq.
*The war in Iraq.
*The quality of our environment.
*Education. Making college affordable.
*Education and foreign policy.
*Health care.
*Affordable health care.
*Keeping kids safe from violence.
*The Iraq war.
*Health care for all people.
*Better schools and affordable college.
*The environment.

The last person I interviewed was Heather Mizeur. She is running for the Maryland House of Representatives. I enjoyed meeting her. She said she became interested in politics when she was my age. She told me that she would vote for me if I run for office!

Thanks, Son, for your report on what voters in “Berkeley East” think is important.

For more on Son's political perspective, check out this post on his blog.


FemiKnitMafia said...

It is impossible for your son to be cuter. I just want to squuuuuueeeeze him.

Lolly said...

He is amazing... investigative journalism in his future? or possibly politics?

beadlizard said...

I'll vote for him, too!

We have paper and pen ballots here, not machines, and no waiting in lines since the town is tiny and lots of people volunteer because it's so important to be a part of the democracy. --syl

denise said...

Not only is he extremely precocious, but very adorable. Also, an inspiration to learn more about our government. This kid knows more than me!

TheAmpuT said...

Day late, dollar short as I am ridiculously behind w/reading my fave blogs...but I just have to say, this is the coolest post. Thanks to the LittleGiant for reporting, and thanks to you for sharing it.


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