Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fuzzy Sweaters

...not because of angora--but because of a broken camera.

Son is modeling the Must Have Cardigan. Yup--the size small basically fits a relatively small 8yo. Although I knit the sweater, he himself knitted the scarf!

David is modeling his Boyfriend Sweater (just a basic drop-sleeved pullover that I made with two colors of Light Lopi)--knit as a holiday present in 1992.

It is in such good shape because:
1.) the neck bind off is so tight that David can barely get it on.
2.) it is a bit short....
3.) the yarn, while beautiful, is itchy.

Our relationship is just fine. The Sweater Curse seemed to have passed us by, perhaps because I assumed we were half way to the end of our magical year together before the two of us moved on to paths which we knew were taking us in different directions. I did not intend to stay near this sweater all my life. But things seemed to have worked out that way....

The scarf is some of his own early knitting.

* * *

Last night the boys put on their knits and we went to the Friday the 13th party at A Tangled Skein. Not the 13th? Well--we partied like it was 1998.... (My LYS's Friday the 13th parties are already a well-loved tradition, but there was no upcoming F-13 for just too long.)

I was going to be strong.

David needed some DPNs to replace a broken sock needle. I needed nothing.

I haven't even finished knitting up the sock yarn I bought at A Tangled Skein last time.

Barbara from my knitting group showed me the Interweave Holiday issue and I feel hard for these:

David and I BOTH bought yarn to knit them....


Lolly said...

Beautiful yarn choices for the gloves. I think they will be perfect! love the family sweaters too ;)

Frogdancer said...

The fuzzy photos have their own charm. Lucky I'm seeing them first thing in the morning. If it was late at night I might've thought I'd had too much wine...

The gloves are beautiful. Good choice.

cici said...

I love how these pictures turn out. I was admiring both these sweaters and your beautiful shawl on Friday at ATS. Now I see you have a book, that I definitely am interested in reading. Thanks


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