Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crazy Noro Lady

I finished the body of the wild sweater jacket I am knitting for both NaSweKniMo and Norovember.

Since this sweater is knit with bias stripes necessitating a total of fourteen balls at some points, I had a choice whether to twist all the joins like in true intarsia--or go with kilim-style holes marching up the changes of yarn. Mostly out of absolute exasperation with the multiple strands coming off the sweater, I went with "slits":

Last week I finished the entrelac sleeves--and really got entrelac out of my system (which is OK since it is no longer Entrelac'tober).

The ends are not sewn in, the shaped sleeves are not sewn in, and the button band and collar are not yet knit--and the sweater is going to need a good blocking as well as buttons or hooks. Nevertheless--here's a preview of the whole wild thing:

* * *

The real question: Do I really see my grey self wearing this sweater?


Carrie K said...

Yes, it'll look great with your gray hair. (Not that I've seen your gray hair, but it should look fab!)

Judith, Canberra, Australia said...

Oh, it's just gorgeous - wonderful colours, great design - very elegant!

jennifer said...

It's going to look great on you -- you know you need to wear BRIGHTER colors! I look forward to seeing it on you SOON!

Makes me think I should try enterlock -- and make something out of Noro.


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