Sunday, November 04, 2007

Living History

While I've been at my academic history conference, David and Son have done plenty of exploring. They especially enjoyed themselves at the Jamestown Settlement--where Son was quickly put to work.

Even on his imaginary trip to the new settlement...

...he wound up not only hauling rope...

...but steering the ship.

After he arrived, he continued to work with boats...

...and water.

He built a fence with some new friends...

...and even defended the settlement.

* * *

How funny that I spent my days sitting in a conference center, alternately too heated and too air-conditioned, talking about the same things they were exploring.

Since I did not get to go back in time so viscerally, I'm happy David and Son shared these pictures with me! (Son is much cuter than most of the professors who present at academic meetings....)


TheAmpuT said...

I've really enjoyed the last few posts (enjoy doesnt fit how I felt about the post about the elephants, but it was a stimulating read). As a California kid with family all being on the East Coast, I used to love going to visit and being taken to all of the historical sites. I'm hoping that MyFavoriteKid and I get to do some touring of the US next summer.

Lolly said...

We skipped out on the Jamestown settlement because of the steep entrance fee - it does look like we missed a fun opportunity though! I love all of the photos!

I think it is so funny that we were there at the same time. It was a great time to visit.


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