Thursday, November 08, 2007


I love being home with Son all day. Homeschooling is an incredible way to see into his growing mind, and I love the opportunity to be a part of his growth. Everything he learns, I get to see--at least to a degree.

We "unschool" as they say. That means that Son is his own teacher, and I (primarily) am an observer. Son is his own teacher, the excavator of his own intellect. I merely take notes, and take photographs for his state-reviewed portfolio. And I take him to the library.

Today I planned to post about today's adventures in mathematics, about homeschooling, being weird, and allowing growth on its own timetable.

In other words, how wonderful homeschooling is for us as a family. How it not only allows Son to be Son, but Me to be Parent of Son. How homeschooling is a blessing, a Blessing.

* * *

But that is all for tomorrow.

* * *


David, who left for work early early early this morning, is also away for the evening for a meeting...

...and I am home alone with Son.

Why is it so hard? The 8yo is actually an incredibly mellow child, a child full of interesting things to say on top of incredible patience with his mother's neuroses.

Even when everything is going well, though, the mother's neuroses totally kick in (in full force) at around 6pm, and it is just a matter of waiting until FATHER comes home.

* * *

It has been almost three hours since 6pm.

* * *

Son has less need for sleep than I do. Bed is not in his immediate future.

* * *

I leave Son on the couch with a book. He reads--and I come in to blog for the day.

I'll download the pics from math--and all will be fine. I'll write about why I love homeschooling. I'll get my equilibrium back. I'll remember how much I love what we have every day.

* * *

Wrong cable. I have the stupid wrong cable. I can't download pics. Tonight's post is shot to hell.

* * *

Honestly, right now I just DON'T remember why we're homeschooling.

* * *

Except, what's the choice? What do you do with a child who thinks algebra and geometry are intuitive and obvious, but also can't spell reliably and thinks learning his multiplication facts is a task beneath him?

* * *

Both David and I are nerds who carved out very comfortable places for ourselves in public school. Son has many many many more social skills than either of us possess. He'll handle the demands of school just fine. Right?

* * *

"You're taking an awfully long time to write this post, you know. When are you going to be finished?"

* * *

To bed. Tomorrow, with sleep and time to soothe the soul, I will remember. Right?


Mouse said...

I'd love to hear more about your homeschooling (or unschooling) practices.. mostly because I'm about --THISCLOSE-- to removing my son (6) from public school. If you want to remember why you are homeschooling I could definitely give you a few hundred reasons off the top of my head.. lol I've been fed up with the school system since my kiddo started school and that was LAST YEAR.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Of course, having them in school for a good part of the day doesn't make me a prefect parent when they're home either! It still can be frustrating--and I miss out on many amazing school moments, I'm sure...

SaraSkates said...

not many days go by without a "witching hour" or two of some sort...however much you love your kids and choices you make with them and the daily "process" of being with and raising them, it just is *hard* at times.

I'm looking forward to the math etc. post :)


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