Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Knitting

I finished the ribbing, etc., for the NaSweKniMo project and put it on to block. Pictures as soon as it is dry.

That gave me permission to start working on the Twisted Stitch Gauntlets I've been plotting to knit.

I love the way they are coming out so far--and they are absolutely addictive to knit. Rather than the luxurious baby cashmerino the pattern calls for, I'm knitting with inexpensive Filatura Di Crosa's 501--a perfect match in both weight and yardage. Although my gauge was spot on for the stockinette swatch, my actual glove is a little longer than the pattern calls for. And, for this very long-fingered person, the called-for length for the fingers is a little short. But it all sort of balances out....

* * *

Meanwhile, Son found a cricket in the bathtub (!) and gave him a ride on his Lego raft:


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