Sunday, November 11, 2007

A year of books and knitting

Last year on this date I was thinking about books--especially about my own academic history book (in the works at the time):

And now I am totally crazy, unable to think about anything but the future of the book. I spent five hours without breathing this afternoon trying to do final edits. Then I hopped up and down for three minutes, knit a single purl row on Swallowtail (which, in its brand new incarnation, is behaving well), finally regained my ability to speak coherently, and then started craving spicy food.

* * *

Knit knit knit. I cannot imagine sleeping. Knit knit knit.

But today I am celebrating the recent publication of that book. My cowriter and I gave a presentation early this afternoon about the issues of justice raised by the book. The audience offered fascinating insights. What a great experience. (Even though, due to my incredibly introverted personality, I almost fainted from nervousness before things got started.)

It looks like we may have more engagements soon. Next month we're going to be interviewed by an NPR affiliate in the location where the book's story took place. Very exciting.

Now off to relax. Glass of wine. Knit, knit, knit.... Knitting (and wine) is the serve-all-needs response, isn't it?


Sheepish Annie said...

I like how you balance things in your life. Engaging an audience with your book in one moment and settling in to knit and be a part of a family the next. Both of which are such important roles and interconnected pieces of you... You are so good at perspective and being "in the moment."

SaraSkates said...

yay on the talks and upcoming NPR thing - and I can't wait to read the book too ;) It'll come with my next amazon order ...


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