Saturday, February 16, 2008

New, Blank Pages

Fifteen years ago today, I spent twenty-something hours in surgery.

Now, every year on my anniversary, I feel that I have been given an extra day-- a day of luxury, a day to really live. Last year I cast on a new project in cashmere yarn.

And today: well, nothing much today, but I prepared for a celebration with friends tomorrow. Old friends are coming for brunch and brand new friends are coming for dinner.

Every year it feels like a new opportunity, a clean start. I realize that this day is closer to New Year's Day for me than is the first of January or Rosh Hashanah.

"We walk forward into new, blank pages of days on which we can write a fresh story."


Liz K. said...

Happy New Year, indeed.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Oh - this is so precious. Every single day is a gift. Thank you for this post, and the wonderful quote. xox

Melinda said...

Hannah, I'm so glad you're here and doing well. Congratulations, what a wonderful life we have.

I've returned from my trip to find myself with some awards and memes. Since I've only known your blog for a short time, I've "tagged" you for an Archive meme. The rules are on my post today. Hope you're ok with that ; ).

Carrie K said...

Happy Anniversary. Wow, that's truly a date to celebrate making it through.

TheAmpuT said...

Happy ReBirthDay!


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