Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blue Knitting

Berroco 'Bama?

Let me say first that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and will happily vote and work for either Clinton or Obama. I can also say I am often frustrated or disappointed with both of the candidates. I loved the populist rhetoric introduced in the race by Edwards--but if he had been a serious contender, I know I would have had my problems with him, too.

Here in Maryland, we have our primary next week. I think I'll be voting for Obama--and not only because his name sounds like the yarn.

I was born and raised a liberal white southerner and I am very excited about the possibility of some southern states moving from red to blue. This kind of move could pretty much assure a Democratic victory in November.

McCain, the likely Republican nominee, is pretty weak in a lot of the South. Although he is a warmonger military supporter and that works in his favor in the South, his more moderate social views make lots of traditional southern republicans not especially like him.

On the other hand, Obama is getting large percentages and large turnouts in the South among Democrats. The key to winning those states is significantly upping the number of supposedly "unlikely" voters--and he's been doing it in the primaries. Young people and African Americans have been galvanized to go to the polls in numbers seldom seen.

And Independents may be less likely to vote for McCain if Obama is their other choice.

Clinton, I don't think, has the ability to make the move from red to blue happen. Her biggest strength is in traditionally Democratic states--states any Democratic candidate will take.

So right now I'm imagining a Obama-Richardson ticket.


...if y'all can come up with the right knitting yarns for the other candidates, perhaps I'll change my mind!


The Tell-Tale Heart said...

"Hillary" by Skacel is a thin, shiny ribbon yarn made of 100% rayon. It can be used for dressy tops, scarves, handbags, and ponchos.

The Purloined Letter said...

Ha! How did you find that??

But I have to say: shiny? ribbon? rayon? Is this really supposed to get me to change my project--oops, I mean, vote?

Then again, I heard recently that Obama was a smoker for years...

Carrie K said...

Berroco Bama? OMG. I love that. Why haven't I been thinking of them in terms of yarn?

Lolly said...

thanks for your thoughtful analysis, hannah - I really like your little discover of berroco 'bama. that is classic! :)

Anonymous said...

too funny, to me, that other died-in-the-wool knitters didn't get that before now...I can't thing of him and NOT think of Berocco...but we've had that conversation months ago :-)

Barbara deG said...

See my blog entry for today - Knitters for Obama


KBlicious said...

i loathe politics and never have a clue who i'm voting for until the last minute, but Berroco Obama REALLY tickled me, thanks for that. :) and You make my day! (see bottom) :)

i know i'm terribly behind on your blog, but i want you to know i am continuing in my strides to go greener in 2008, including growing tomatoes (gasp!) and I think of you with each little thing I do and thank you!


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