Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Pharmaceutical Cocktail

When the hospital staff brought me meals, they always included cans of Sustacal. I never drank the stuff, but my friends and family helped me build a massive pyramid of the unopened cans. It definitely had the cheerful feel of a frat boy's beer-can decorations.

To honor this ridiculous memory, David brought me a bottle of a competitor's beverage last night.

Now, celebrating 15 years of freedom from the hospital, I've cooked up a new way to get my liquid sustenance:

(Now what I really want to know:
Will anyone reach this post by Googling "Brandy Ensure Cocktail"?)


The Tell-Tale Heart said...

Is this a Brandy Alex.Sr.?

How about a West Palm Coffee -- Decaf coffee with a shot of Ensure.

I hope we're drinking them (or something better) for many years to come!

Sara said...

Hey - happy anniversary - thesse self-definied anniversaries can be so much more meaningful than the calendar new year ones. I do that with Toby's birthday and due date - which are months apart but still meaningful nearly 8 years later.

isibella said...

I would like you to know that I reached here by typing in "Ensure cocktail" on google, I was genuinely looking for a cocktail or drink recipe which I could include ensure! Not because I even like ensure, but because I felt the pink color would look pleasant in a cocktail hehe!
Anyways guess you are the only other person on the whole internets to have made an ensure and alcohol post.

Anonymous said...

Well, it took 3 years, but I got here by googling "Ensure Cocktail" -- looking for a fun recipe for a theme party I'm throwing. Yours is the only post like it!


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