Monday, February 04, 2008

C is for Cabled Cardigan

Well--the consequences of blithely knitting away on aran cardigans in the car is that Mistakes Are Made:

The section along each side of the back is a 4-row checkerboard. And the edge section for the front? 2-row moss.

When I realized the mistake after finishing the right front, I decided to do it again for the left side. Because it contracts more than the checkerboard, the fronts seem much shorter than the back--but I think this will block out without a problem.

Now the question is, what should I do on the sleeves? Right now I am planning to switch back to the checkerboard. Any votes?

But then, you know, I plan to knit in the car today. Maybe I'll do one of each....



Amy O'Neill Houck said...

I vote for one of each--symmetry is overrated. :-)

Carrie K said...

Switch back to the checkerboard. I'd think you'd be able to do either stitch because it's on either the front or back and it sounds like you like how the checkerboard stitch behaves more.

Unless you knit 2 row moss in the car, that is. ;)


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