Monday, February 18, 2008


Today started out as a beautiful day, a harbinger of spring.

The first yellow crocuses are popping up on our hill. The sun was shining. We decided to go to the park for a picnic.

We packed blue cheese and crackers, vegetable salad, seltzer and grape juice and took off for the park.

On our way, the clouds started looking a little gray.

By the time we spread our feast out on the wooden table, it looked ominous. And after just one bite, raindrops began to fall, the wind was gusting, and the temperature plummeted.

I am in need of Spring.


Wendy said...

Hi! Yesterday in the MD/DC/VA region was lovely ... but in the afternoon it got ominous for sure ... was out with my baby when the first drops started to fall. I just kept telling myself that it was, indeed, February and I should see it as a treat ... hard to not wish for Spring though ...

Helen said...

Argh... how frustrating.
Today, I did notice a wee wee sign of spring's approach:
Every week, DD has clarinet lessons at 4:30. Every day, as we drive home, it's been necessary to turn on the headlights... 'cause, well. it's getting dark.
Today... I was able to run TWO errands after the lesson before it was headlight time!


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