Monday, July 31, 2006

From UFOs to FOs

A brilliant new knit-along starts tomorrow at UFO August. The plan is to dig out all those still-in-the-works projects and get them finished!

Here are some of mine:

1. Icarus
Although this is not actually a UnFinished Object but rather a WIP (Work in Progress), I am listing it here because it is my first priority and really finishing it is a prophylactic if it is not to become a UFO. I need to knit the final row of the edging, do the bind-off, and block. I hope to finish it by Tuesday’s knitting group so I can hold it up at show-and-tell.

2. Linen Feather-and-Fan Shawl
I love the way this project looks, but it does not always feel so wonderful to knit. The linen yarn (coupled with my grandmother’s old and very slippery needles) is unforgiving and frustrating. I put it aside a couple of months ago with just another foot or so to knit. As soon as Icarus is finished, the next skein of Euroflax gets put into the ballwinder. The shawl will be my mother’s holiday present.

3. Irish Hiking Scarf.
I recently started this as a car-and-meeting project but keep frowning at it and wondering if I shouldn’t just cast on something else. I love the looks of the scarf and know it will be perfect for my father for his holiday present, but I cannot imagine knitting it right now. Perhaps because it is 100 degrees here....

4. Must Have Cardigan
I began this in March and quickly finished all the pieces and bought the buttons. Then I stuck it in my knitting basket because I chickened out of picking up all those stitches for the button band.

5. Blue Sock
I’ve finished one down to the grafting at the toes and the second down to the point to pick up stitches around the foot. They are knit with relatively large sock yarn on size 4 needles and I’m not crazy about the way they fit. The real reason I put them down, though, is that I dropped a DPN while car knitting. I’ve now replaced it, but I still haven’t picked up the sock.

6. Pi Shawl
I’ve finished all the around-and-around and just have the lace edging to do—which I have tried several times and keep making mistakes and frogging the border. I started the Pi while my father was in surgery and it means a lot to me. He’s currently going through radiation and chemo and ideally I could finish this project right as he’s finishing his treatments early this fall.

7. Laura Ingalls shawl
A holiday present for a young friend. All it needs is a decision about bordering (fringe? plain?), having its ends sewn in, and a good block.

8. Birthday Bunnies in Ballarina Suits (both due in the early fall)
Both have sweaters almost finished, shoes knit, wool stuffing bought, and tulle bought. Neither actually has a bunny knit yet.

9. Birthday Fairytale Mice (both due in the late fall)
Both sets of two (for a total of four mice) have some of their clothes knit but not their shirts. And there are no mice....

And when at least some of these are done, I am allowed to cast on a new lace project, a new cable project, and my first colorwork project! Plus maybe a really quick bulky sweater, and of course more socks, and maybe some more fingerless mitts for holiday presents for friends. And of course, some hats and scarves made from my homespun. And, and....


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to start an Icarus very soon, I can't wait to see how yours comes out.

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! This is an ambitious list! I'll feel all accomplished and proud if I manage to get one thing finished by the end of August. It'll be great to see all your FO's!

Elena said...

Okay, your list makes me feel a whole lot better about mine. I keep thinking I should join one of these finish-alongs to finally get Mariah done, but somehow I just keep casting on for new projects.
I'll be cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

My but you are ambitious! I have several UFO's out there too, but I think you have me beat. I need to look at that KAL.

Lazuli said...

That - to repeat what others have said! - is a very ambitious list! Good luck with all of it!

Liz K. said...

Damn, you have a big UFO list. I think I have only two projects languishing that could be considered UFOs.

Lolly said...

Wow, girl! what a list! I will be your cheerleader!! :)


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