Friday, July 07, 2006

Le Tour de Fleece

I am spinning away in Le Tour de Fleece this month. What a great idea. A perfect combination. (Every time I mention my spinning wheel, people assume I mean some fancy excercise bike. They must marvel when they look at my figure and try to reconcile it with the fact that I spin almost every day.)

My goal is to turn this:

into this:

and finish the bag of fleece by the end of the race. So far, so good. Initially I wanted to learn to Navajo (or chain) ply it, but the yarn is protesting and stating that it would very much like to stay as singles. Since I believe in child-led learning yarn-led spinning, I am following.

I bought this fleece at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival very inexpensively (as in less than $3) a couple of years ago to use on my little pipe-cleaner dolls. But now that I spin, I've found that it spins up beautifully. I'm not sure what kind of wool it is. There is about 4 ounces--not a big challenge but since I am going to be out of town for part of the race and am also trying to finish a knitting project--as well as being a spinning newbie--I think it will be enough. Wish me luck!

Le Maillot Jaune! Le Maillot Jaune!


Lolly said...

Beautiful! that is such a fun idea to spin along with the Tour - brilliant! I love the colors of your fleece.

Ruth said...

Whatever type of wool it is, the colors are wonderful. Good luck on the Tour!

Liz said...

This shows that I do not get out very much in blogland (as in real life). Tour de Fleece? I had no idea. It's a great one, though.

Beth said...

Gorgeous!! All the colors I love. :)

Beth said...

Gorgeous!! All the colors I love. :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty colors! (And I like your phrase "yarn-led spinning". *g*)

Ina said...

Wow, gorgeous colors!

Katie, a dyer at Yarn Love said...

I'm also loving the colors!


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