Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Car knitting--and the beach

On our drive to South Carolina on Saturday, I knit up the handspun. Because the yarn was so thick in places, I used very large needles (size 13) and seed stitch, a stitch pattern that produces a lovely drape. After seeing the fabric, I suspect that smaller needles would have been preferable. Unfortunately, when I sampled at home, the yarn was at a thick point and looked best on the 13, and I did not bring a good alternative. As it is, the knitting looks somewhere between lacy and just scraggly.

When I had knit about three quarters of the scarf, our car's air conditioner gave out. The temperature outside was just shy of 100. We rolled down the windows, almost getting whiplash from the wind coming in as we sped down the interstate. Sweat dripped off of my fingers. The thick wool went back in the bag.

When we neared my parents' home, the air conditioner miraculously started working again. After a few minutes, I picked up the yarn and finished the scarf before we arrived at our destination.

And here is is, displayed on the balcony outside our room.

My parents both grew up at the beach. We are staying in a hotel suite, my father with us, while my mother gets a little break at home. Dad is not feeling well at all--no energy, a lot of nausea and vomiting, etc. He is sometimes so weak that he cannot easily lift his head off the pillow. It is hard to see him so sick.

We're feeding him via an implanted tube. The syringe that attaches to the port comes in a plastic case. Son has decided that the cases make perfect rockets, perfect sand toys, and perfect...

knitting needles:

David and I alternate who takes care of my father and who takes care of Son. Son, meanwhile, has spent almost all his time alternating between the pool and the beach. When he and I were jumping waves this morning, the lifeguard called us all out of the water when she saw a large school of fish approaching the shore. (She was not worried about the fish but rather about what might be attracted to them.)

After watching the fish jumping in the waves we had just been in, we came upstairs to our room. The school of fish was a bit further out, a darkness in the water. And swimming around the patch was, just for Shanti, a group of pelicans!


Elena said...

Sounds like a bit of a stressful trip. I'm glad you have a beautiful view of the beach to calm you.
I think the scarf looks lovely!

xmasberry said...

Nice you could give your mother a bit of a break. Being a caregiver, whether full- or part-time, is very stressful.

It looks like a lovely location and i bet it was fantastic to see all those fish!

KatyaR said...

Your spinning is beautiful, and I love your wheel. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I wish the very best for all of you.

beadlizard said...

I'm sorry treatment is hitting your dad so hard. What a gift to have a young person buzzing around, making the struggle worthwhile!

We have pelicans, too. Wonderful birds. --Sylvia

Anonymous said...

What a hard thing to deal with. I hope everything turns out okay. I knit when I am stressed out too. Yours looks great. Best of luck.


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