Friday, July 14, 2006

Tour Update

Although there is quite a bit of time left in Le Tour de Fleece, I have almost finished spinning the bag of unidentified wool. I have enjoyed sitting at the wheel every day, even if it was just for a few moments, and watching the colors change as the wool passes through my fingers.

Can you see the bottom half of a drawing in pink on the window ledge? It is the place-marker board Son made for me. A sheep on a bike has to climb a mountain and then come down to finish the race. You can see a person cheering at the finish line. I am getting close to the bottom.

The yarn is much thinner than I expected it to be. And unlike my usual spinning up to now, it is UNDERTWISTED rather than overtwisted. Perhaps it is time to change to my faster whorl.

The colors are incredible. My neutral-color personality is somewhere between shocked and joyous that I'm allowing myself to enjoy this experience so intensely.


Anonymous said...

Amazing colors! And such a pretty wheel! What kind is it?

Susan in Sacramento

Sheepish Annie said...

Gorgeous! Are you going to ply it or leave it as a single?

Unknown said...

Surely yarn as beautiful and joyous as this deserves a yellow jersey! I am envious. My next big fiber goal is to learn to spin. I think perhaps a drop spindle. I love bright and riotous color. Your yarn is amazing!! Do you have a knitting project in mind for it?


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