Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's Not Easy Knitting Green

A little green for Lolly:

I've knit about 50 inches on the linen shawl. Still another 18 inches or so to go. The linen yarn on my grandmother's slippery needles makes my hands hurt after just a few rows, so it is slow going.

The pieces of the cardigan are all finished. Now: block, knit button band, sew in sleeves, sew on buttons, and seam! All things I really do not know how to do properly....

Hence, a new sock. No green. No difficulties.


Shanti said...

The shawl looks lovely. I have a hard time with the linen, too.

Shannon said...

Your must have cardi looks great. What yarn did you use? BTW, I was reading in your archives about your miscrossed cable - in the future, if you need to mix a mistake you can isolate the messed up section by putting the rest on a holder or just on your needles, unravel the bad section until just below the mistake and use dpns to knit back up.


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