Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On the Way Home from Home

Before we left Laurinburg, we walked around in my old neighborhood. The house I grew up in with its gorgeous yard looks beautiful...

...and my old swing-set is still in the backyard--with an adult swing now hanging from the structure:

* * *

We drove up to Chapel Hill to visit UNC where I received a master's degree in history.

Son is definitely a true Tar Heel:

He loved the amazingly large sundial in front of the planetarium. Turns out there is a geocaching benchmark at the sundial, too.

On this beautiful day, many students were lying in the grass studying, enjoying the sun and each other's company. The hand-holding skateboarders made us all smile:

* * *

Next we drove over a few miles to that other university where David went to college. (Yes, we have a bit of a mixed marriage.)

David and I actually met at Duke where we both taught at a summer camp for the "heinously gifted," as a friend of ours says. So before we left Durham, we visited a couple of spots special to us in our courting days:

Our favorite bookstore...

...and the world's best sorbet shop.

Yummy. Afterwards? The long drive back to Takoma Park.


Devorah said...

Thank you for sharing your college home. And mixed marriages do work ... we have NYU/Cornell around here. *g*

Lolly said...

Loved seeing these pics! It seems like it was a great time to go down to NC. My sisters both moved to NC, but I haven't been down there much. Hope to do so more!

Love the "mixed" marriage thing :)

Ruth said...

"heinously gifted" ... heh.

Penny L. Richards said...

Oh, you're killing me! The sundial, the Regulator, sigh... Too bad Poindexter's Records has been gone for so long now--I still have a bunch of their $5 t-shirts.

Mixed marriage here too--UNC PhD, married a Duke PhD. We always lived in Durham, and I worked at the Duke radio station--but my kid was born at UNC, which trumps the rest.

Helen said...

Ahh the ever shrinking world yields more connections.
I lived in Tacoma Park as a week kidlet... on Holly Avenue. I wonder, is my house still there???

Martha said...

When my son was born at Duke Med and they did the ink/heel mark for the birth certificate, the nurse quickly looked over and said, "this does not mean he is a Tarheel." He's not. Nor am I. Thanks for the pictures and memories of my many years living there. That road trip needs to happen...soon!

Karen said...

It's so nice to see your childhood home looking well cared for and happy.

I did not know what Tar Heel meant. Now I know. Knitting blogs are very educational.


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