Tuesday, May 15, 2007


After spinning a silk cap on a spindle, I had only a small amount of yarn for a project.

I came up with this little treasure bag, one I hope my mother will use to store her father's gold pocket watch or perhaps her wedding pearls.

Knitted on size one needles, I cast on 40 stitches, ribbed in a 2x2 pattern for about 10 rows, and then continued knitting in the round for a few inches. I decreased just as I would for a sock toe.

I love how soft it is! I think I'll try pretty much the same thing for myself sometime, possibly with a little I-cord chain so I can wear it around my neck.

There is something so special about seeing even the tiniest thing you've made with your own hands....


TheAmpuT said...

mojo bag!
What a great idea to do with a little bit of precious handspun.

EGJ said...

I know what you mean by that. It becomes doubly a treasure bag when you've made it yourself...


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