Friday, May 25, 2007

Written on the driveway:

"Fuck Yuo Hippe"

8yo Son was justifiably upset.

David and I could not decide if we should laugh hysterically or be proud to be labeled hippie.

At least that is what we think we were being labeled....


Barbara said...

It's sad when hate language appears everywhere.

I'm sorry that your son saw this.

The Tell-tale heart said...

I think this is a reminder of how powerful words can be. I don't think the kids who wrote this intended to hurt Son or us. Rather I imagine that they were experimenting with the magic and power of words.

On our walk last night, Son commented that he thought fck was a British word since he only heard it from Jamie Oliver and British movies. He must have said it seven times during our stroll. Caught me a bit off guard. I wonder what I should have said.

Sheepish Annie said...

I am so sorry that someone thought this was an even remotely acceptable thing to do. And that your son had to see it.

The world is a wonderful place with wonderful things in it. And it only takes one stupid thing to take one's focus off all that wonderfulness.

I hope the day got better for everyone from there.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

This reminds me of a Monte Python bit where a guy is writing "Romans go home!" on a wall, and a guard comes a long and corrects his Latin, and makes him write it correctly on the wall 100 times.

Oh, and calling someone a hippie in Takoma Park is like calling someone a lawyer in DC.

What to say to your son about the language? My dad used to tell me that there were no bad words only inappropriate times or places to say them (i.e. not in front of your grandmother, please)

KBlicious said...

wow.... i don't even know what to say... this is shameful and sad. i'm glad you were able to find some humor in it and also see past the face value of the words themselves.... as you say, there are definitely worse things to be called than 'hippe', but still. dang.


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