Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The End of October

Happy Halloween!

We have come to the end of Socktoberfest and, well, I am not mentioning the cursed socks. They are not finished--the first awaits kitchenering the toe and the second is only at the heel turn.

They are making me hate socks.

* * *

But then I looked at this non-cursed sock yarn:

I got this skein from Jeanie at UFO August. It is the "Cowboy" colorway of Hill Country Sweet Feet yarn. So yummy and soft!

And so I cast on for another pair--and in a last-minute fit of Soctoberfest energy, knit to after the decreases last night.

My faith has been restored!

* * *

In addition to this frantic-but-happy sock knitting, I spent part of my Halloween listening to Franklin Habit's phenomenal Poe-inspired performance on Brenda Dayne's podcast Cast-On. Go check it out!


Kathy said...

Happy Halloween! Glad that you got your sock mojo back.

Sheepish Annie said...

What a perfect pumpkin! Nice carving. Also some pretty perfect looking socks, there! They look so soft...

Lolly said...

Look at 'er go! You sure got that cuff done quickly! What fun! Thanks for being a part of Socktoberfest, Hannah!

Bonnie said...

Wasn't "The Romney" on Cast On great? I think I'll have to listen to it again!

kadınlar said...

Thanks for post.


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