Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Tubac, now a thriving arts community about 45 miles south of Tuscon, has a long history. Archaeologists have found evidence of people living in the area for the past 10,000 years. The Hohokam lived in the area from the year 300 to their mysterious disappearance around 1500. The Pima then settled here. In about 1700, the Spanish moved here as well. By 1860, Tubac was the largest town in Arizona. Now it is a tiny village full of shops.

I had hoped to find some local artisans interested in traditional crafts. Instead, I found a town full of traditional crafts from other places. Although some were from nearby sections of Mexico, many were shipped in from Equador and India and Peru.

There is also a vibrant community of local artists who produce fine art. We also found shops that marketed Hopi and Navajo jewelry and other crafts made in the northern part of the state.

This "Nosh Pot" was one of my favorites. (When Son was young, when he wanted to nurse he would ask to "nosh"--and it caught on because in addition to sounding like nurse, it is a Yiddish word for snack. Now, "nosh" is the family word for breasts.)

Although the town was not what I expected, we had a lovely morning wandering through the shops and walking the streets.

One of the galleries we went in was art dealing with the war:

This painting is entitled, "Why Are We Following Him?"


Specs said...

Heh. I love that last photo/painting.

NeedleTart said...

Me, too! Wait! does that mean I'M a sheep?

Sheepish Annie said...

You always put up some pretty good photos, but these were particularly compelling. I've been doing some fabulous traveling through the blogs I read of late!

Anonymous said...

awesome pics and i love the nosh story!!! :)


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