Wednesday, October 25, 2006

knit together

Last night's knitting group was even livelier than usual. Such a lovely time!

Son was happy to have another youngster at the party. Martha's son brought his first FO: He and his mother bound off the practice swatch he started at Rhinebeck and felted it to make a beautiful trivet. He also made a lot of progress on the vibrant scarf he is knitting.

One of the most fascinating parts of the evening for me was seeing Wallace demonstrate his new Shetland knitting belt and pins--passed on to him by Beth Brown-Reinsel, author of Knitting Ganseys, who realized that Wallace's long arms could use the pins more easily than she did. Wallace stood and swayed his hips slightly to get needles to move in rhythm. Knitting became very much a sensual dance.

He then swore us all to secrecy and shared information about his new venture, all set to start in November. Details later--but suffice it to say that having the boys at the meeting definitely resonated with his plans.

Knitting was combined with talk about publishing. Mystery writer Maggie Sefton dropped by with her knitting and advanced details about her next book!

And Jennifer brought her new copy of local knitter Michael Del Vecchio's Knitting With Balls, a gorgeously-produced book full of projects to appeal especially to male knitters. David commented on how nice it was to see instructions drawn with men's hands.

Amy shared a little of her experiences in the publishing world, too: she's frantically finishing a crochet project that has to be in New York ASAP. (If knitting is the new yoga, she's definitely into hot power yoga!)

Finally, Rebecca noted that she now has a blog! Check out her amazing collection of knitting bags.

Amy has an even fuller account of the fun!


Lanea said...

Hey--I want to add you to the KR ring, but first you need to add the code. Which I can't find. Let me know if you need some help, or if I'm just blind, well, tell me.

rebecca said...

Fabulous to see you all but now I feel I cannot show my face until the darn shawl is blocked! I pine for the day that I can produce a shawl like your most recent.


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