Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Dealings with the "J" Perfectionism Demon

At a long and intense board meeting last night, I was knitting a sock to keep me sane and well-behaved. After I had passed the decreases after the heel pick-ups, I felt a bump of yarn against my fingers and looked down. Sure enough, there was a knot--and the new yarn was tied on at a completely different color.

As I looked at the yarn around the outside of the ball, I realized that the sequence ahead was the reverse of what it should be. It needed to be rewound in reverse order--and I did not feel I could do that subtly in the middle of the meeting.

What should I do? Not KNIT? So I continued on, struggling with the thought that when I knit the second sock, I'll have to unwind a correctly-wound ball in order to construct a matching sock.

Or, gulp, I could try to live with, egads, fraternal socks.... Do any of you share this absolute revulsion with me? I feel a little queasy just looking at this sock.

* * *

BTW, FemiKnit Mafia yesterday led me to a fantastic very-short film about an obsessive knitter. Check it out!


Mouse said...

I'd rip it out.. I cannot stand when striped socks don't match. That really stinks.. I didn't have problems with my Simple Stripes socks changing patterns.. and both of my socks matched up. I knit the same colorway for my first pair of socks.. I'm pretty sure that "vineyard" is discontinued now.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm more 'P' than I thought; I think the sock looks great. Maybe the 'J' in you can find solace in the symmetry of the two double bands of peach. Maybe you could publish a pattern for 'looking glass' socks.

At least you made it through your meeting!

amy said...

Knit the second one and give the pair to someone who won't see the pattern difference, but will instead see a lovely pair of hand-knit socks. Or, keep them and only wear them inside boots. ... But you'll still KNOW they don't match, won't you? I say gift them.

Bonnie said...

I knit a pair with that same color of Simple Stripes last year. I'm so glad this didn't happen! I'm not sure what I would have done, as they were a gift.

I think I'd probably try to make the second sock match. I definitely would NOT rip back.

I like that Vineyard color. I wish they hadn't cancelled it.


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