Friday, August 11, 2006


I've been making good progress on the attempt to finish my UFOs--although I have no new FOs to show off. Over the last few days my brain has been skipping from project to project, and my hands have followed. (Hey--at least I'm not starting new knits.)

First, I blocked the front panels and the back of the Must Have Cardigan. These are their wrong sides:

I love using blocking wires, especially the flexible ones that mold cap sleeves, underarms, and the like. Everything goes into exactly the shape you want it.

But these blocking wires are not the only things designed to shape objects into reasonable positions. As I bent over the sweater, one of my underwires popped out and jabbed me in the underarm.

After I steamed the sweater pieces (with the steamer I bought this weekend at the thrift store for $3) and let them dry, I seamed the shoulders and picked up 250 stitches to knit the button band. Ah. THIS is why the sweater became a UFO. After some time and only a little cursing, SUCCESS!

But then, Pi called. Finally braving the side-to-side knit-on edging, I began its lace:

When we went out for dinner, I knew I could not take either of these now-lap-filling projects. So I grabbed the Irish Hiking Scarf and knit a few rows while I waited for my masala dosa. Only a little cultural conflict.

(The scarf is draped over the chair at what I want to be its center point. You can see what I have left. I'm trying to save it for time in the car this weekend.)

Ah--but in addition to knitting, there was a bit of spinning. I turned some of the singles from Julia's fiber into a 2-ply skein.

Son did some spinning, too--finishing the mottled roving he made on R's drum carder.


Sheepish Annie said...

That is some impressive progress there! I continue to run woefully behind...

Wendy said...

Your pi shawl looks fab! I did a concentric circle pi, adjusted one of the rounds with a self-designed lace pattern, went back to the circles and then opted for simple garter border. OMG, I nearly lost my mind. I love your border though.

As for UFOs, I'm finishing up some of those myself in August ... with Wendy from KnitandtheCity. Making progress but already fantasizing about Sept 1 when I can once again cast on ...

Your son is adorable at the spinning wheel!

Lazuli said...

I was going to type, "wow, you're getting a lot finished," and "the red plied yarn is to die for" but that was quickly replaced by "your son spins? How cool is that?"

Lolly said...

I love to see the pics of him spinning :)

That cardigan is so pretty! I love all the sweaters in that Patons book. The one on the cover has been on my list for many moons. It is really going to happen this fall/winter though! I have the yarn and I definitely have the desire!

Have a good weekend, H!

Mouse said...

Your son is adorable at the spinning wheel.. I need to spend one day teaching mine how to spin, I think he'd like it a lot.

Kate A. said...

I've been doing the same UFO hopping you're doing, though my progress isn't nearly so picturesque - your projects, however, are looking great!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Your progress is great! I love the idea of knitting Irish at the Indian restaurant... see you soon!

Sean said...

everything is looking gorgeous, and again, it is SO freakin cool to see your boy at the wheel (and he cards his own stuff too?!?! Do you two fight over the wheel yet? (giggle)) I wish my mom introduced me to this stuff when I was his age, he's a lucky kid and obviously has a natural talent! He already has quite a knack, but starting so young, I can't even imagine what he's going to be turning out down the road! SO AWESOME!

Liz K. said...

My, but you have been busy! I love clearing out the UFOs. It creates more room in the brain for more new projects!

Kirsten said...

I've been doing the same thing, skipping from UFO to UFO. I'm too ADD to stick to just one at a time!

Your Must Have cardi looks great. Where did you get your blocking wires? I've been meaning to get some for myself and didn't realize there were some that were more flexible than others.

The Indian food looks good. DH's parents are from India, and the MIL is a great Indian cook. Yum!


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