Monday, August 07, 2006


In honor of my 100th post, I thought I would hold a little contest:

My spinning wheel is a Kromski Symphony.

Send suggestions to ThePurloinedLetter1 AT yahoo DOT com, or leave them in the comments.

There will be a little prize for the winner suitable for spinners, knitters, or weavers. The deadline is midnight on Sunday, August 13th.

After the contest, I'll post a few of my favorite suggestions!


Marcia said...

That is one pretty wheel! I really like the light color and am kind of sorry mine is the dark walnut. Oh, well. As for a name, I'm not into naming tools and cars, and such, but I feel mine already has a lovely name....Symphony! I can't do better than that.

Barbara in Maine said...

I would name the wheel 'Mozart'! Lovely and delicate, just like his music.

Sue, aka seiding said...

Nice! I'm thinking Fitzwilliam in a non-sequitor kind of way.

rose said...

I think you should name her "Lenore"

Lauren said...

I say be different. Nonsensical. Goofy. Something that makes you smile a bit every time you sit down to spin, even when your spinning is doing the opposite of what you want it to do.

Earl. I vote for Earl.

Abigale said...

For some reason the name Simone keeps coming up for me when I see your wheel - Simone the Symphony.... Since you asked :-)

Have fun!


Sarah said...


Wheel Bob Kromski.

always go with the Bob!

Anonymous said...

Nice wheel. I think my next wheel will be this same one! I have a Louet now.

EWESOSPINFUL came to mind for a good name!

Have fun at any rate spinning on this pretty baby!
Deb from Wooly Knitpicks and Spindles

Kristy said...

Let me chime in with the Disney choice -- How about Aurora?

FemiKnitMafia said...


Elizabeth said...

My suggestion is "Frederic" after Frederic Chopin, one of my favorite composers and one of the most well-known from Poland.

spinmama AT ohiobrowns DOT org said...

I like Anka or Anechka, Polish for Anna, meaning "grace".

She's Polish, and she looks very graceful.

Sheepish Annie said...

Gotta go with Beethoven!

Rebecca said...

Annabelle Lee. Fo sho. :)

Kathryn said...

OK, so we've covered the Disney angle (I would go with Malificent, but that's my thing), the composer angle (Boccharini, anyone?), the nationality angle (Ziven is Polish, and means "vigorous") and even the totally random angle (Potato the Spinning Wheel).

Oh, and also the Poe angle.

I personally prefer the meaningful name angle, so my choice is Zihna, which is Native American and means "spins."

Angeluna said...

A charming wheel indeed.
Mathilde (Matilda) so that when you spin, you can be "waltzing Matilda".
Or Polish Saints' names:
Agata (Agatha)
Agnieszka (Agnes)
Apolonia (Pauline)
Anastazia, Anastazja (Anastasia)
Bronislawa (Bronislava, Bernice, Bertha)
Florentyna (Flora, Florence)
Kunegunda (Cunegunda) Kinga for short (love this, my stepdaughter's middle name, from medieval Queen Cunegonde)
Urzula (Ursula)
Could go on and on!

Patch2dp said...

The minute I looked at it I saw "Jesse" < don't know why.....Ginny

Anonymous said...

I'm dating myself in this, but Polish anything to me brings to mind Bobby Vinton. So, definitely Bobby. (sings) "My Melodeeeee of Luuuuuv...!"

PuppyMomma said...


Or Maxine.

Or Sarah.

Elena said...

The first thing that came to mind was Stanley. Maybe I was thinking Kowalski, not Kromski.
It definitely needs something old-fashioned. Shirley? Gladys? Eunice?
Ooh, I know! Alma.

Lolly said...

First name that popped into my mind: BEATRIX


Elena said...

I forgot the obvious counterpart to Stanley - Stella. Of course, now I will have Ned Flanders' voice screaming "Stella!" in my head for hours.

Sarah said...

I really like the traditional Polish names for this one. I'm getting stuck on the question of male or female. I do like female names which end with a- like Roza or Zofia.

BlueRose said...


is what I thought of when I learned on the symphony..I have a minstrel because I do demo's.

Baltic - Spinning, weaving

In Baltic religion Saule is the sun goddess who determines the well-being of all life on earth. As the full light of the sun, she is also represented by a daisy, a wheel, or a rosette.

Now I really love the welsh language so
my wheel is " yn chwildroi dduwies" = spinning goddess

What ever you choose, enjoy your wonderful wheel! Love her and she will love you back!

Pegasus said...

Your wheel is lovely. My suggestion is Symphony - because the yarn spun from her will create a Symphony of lucious fibers. Like music made from different instruments and then blended create a lovely Symphony.

kassees at comcast dot net

Pegasus said...

Ok so I have absolutely no originality at all...even in my little fingernail! Not Symphony, but Adagio - light and spritely music, filled with rhythym and joy.....geeezzz

Kate A. said...

Well, I really liked Matilda, and Adagio, and several others, but I'll take a stab at giving you still more options...

How about Simfonia Kromska, or Simka for short?

Or my favorite random, which I have yet to talk anyone into using: Spackel.

Or Dotty.

Or Sally Symphony (going the alliteration route).

Or Cupcake. (which sounds good with 'Kromski')

I don't know why I'm convinced she's a girl, but I am.

Alice said...

Hi we are almost neighbors I'm in Bowie.
I like TILLI.
Rest TILLI come back to spin again.

Lazuli said...

Something about the rhythm of a wheel going around makes me think of the persistence of Baroque music... Vivaldi?

Maria said...

It is a pretty wheel. I would call it "Spinderella"

Unconformed said...

i say Moirae, after the greek goddesses who spun the threads of fate.

Kim said...

I think she looks like a Tamerlane :-)

Kim said...

I thought of another great name....Virginia!


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