Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Ravenous Raven: Eating in Vermont

This week we ate local in Vermont. One day we stopped by a roadside store and maple syrup production facility to purchase some local foods.

We took them to the Putney green for a picnic.

Blueberries, Vermont-made crackers, a Vermont-made rhubarb soda, and two kinds of cheeses... cheddar and maple smoked. The cheeses come dipped in clear wax, wrapped in foil, and then dipped again in colored wax. (Son peeled off the wax and spent the rest of the car trip modelling with it.) The small wooden cheese knife was made at the house across the street from the Sugar House.

We ate well for our whole trip and got to explore some of Vermont's food scene. Wineries, cheeseries, and cider mills abound.

So do fantastic food co-ops. Montpelier's Hunger Mountain is a gorgeous store. We drooled over the displays of vegetables at Otter Creek in Vergennes. We also went by co-ops in Burlington, Putney, etc., and vowed to go in next time we're in town. (There seemed to be a limit to how many grocery stores we should tour on vacation....)

Exploring the beautiful Brattleboro co-op with camera in hand, we were envious to see the announcement of canning classes--including a class for children. I wish we could be there for it!

Co-ops in Vermont place a high value on selling locally-grown and locally-produced foods.

Many state restaurants share that value. Even Italian restaurants advertise that their produce is from organic local farms. Many places display the Vermont Fresh Network sign proudly in their front windows, proclaiming a partnership between local farmers and chefs. I wish we had made it to Hemingway's Restaurant (and could afford it)!

And then there is the Farmers Diner which spends 65% of its food dollar with farmers and small-scale producers in a 70-mile radius.

You know we are in Putney at this point in our travels. Can anybody guess where we will be purchasing more than I should exploring in the next post?


Ruth said...

Could you be headed to Kaleidoscope Yarns?

Ruth said...

Could you be headed to Kaleidoscope Yarns?

Anonymous said...

Yummy post!

mamacate said...

Well, have a good time at Kaleidoscope, but if you come back via 91, don't forget to ring me up for a stop at Webs. Not to be missed, and we do pretty well with the locally grown and the bfing here too. Some vermonters (mostly in brattleboro) realize that we in western mass are almost as cool as they are, we're just stuck being connected to boston by circumstance. ;)

Lazuli said...

Mmm... blueberries and *maple-smoked* cheddar cheese and cider: I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!!!

Elena said...

I lived in Vermont for five years. My sweetie is a native. Your post makes me miss it like crazy. We love California, but we both know that, someday, we'll end up back in Vermont.

Carole said...

Oh that cheese looks so fabulous! And I love the photo of the Farmer's Diner. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time.

radhika said...

Its very yummy.Some interesting things about Vermont Picnics.

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