Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Contest Results

Thank you all so much for all the excellent suggestions for names for my spinning wheel. Ideas poured into the comments and into my inbox. I'll share a few especially interesting ones and then the winning suggestions:

Sarah, knowing that my wheel is a Kromski, felt it deserved a name linked to his country of birth. She wrote, "I really like the traditional Polish names for this one." Angeluna suggested the names of Polish saints.

Many of you shared Angeluna's sense of the mystical and metaphoric but suggested non-Polish examples. Katherine suggested Zihna, "which is Native American and means 'spins'." Carole offered Samsara, the Tibetan Buddhist concept of the endless wheel of rebirth. Bluerose suggested Saule, saying that "In Baltic religion Saule is the sun goddess who determines the well-being of all life on earth. As the full light of the sun, she is also represented by a daisy, a wheel, or a rosette." Uncomformed gives Moirae, the name of the greek goddesses who spun the threads of fate.

Others of you played on the model name Symphony and suggested names based on musical terms or composers. My favorite of these was the suggestion first offered in an email from Donna: Chopin. Chopin was one of Poland's most famous composers. Ironically, as she pointed out, Chopin never composed a symphony. (He composed pretty much exclusively for the piano, my instrument of choice.)

FemiKnitMafia suggested Seamus, a name I love partly because it is the first name of one of my favorite poets and teachers. But Kate said, "I don't know why I'm convinced she's a girl, but I am.” On that front, Lolly's Beatrix and Patricia's Gertie sounded really good.

But then there were a couple of names that resonated very deeply, although the writers had no idea this would be true. Elena offered Alma, the name of one of Son's four grandmothers. And Spinmama suggested Anka or Anechka, Polish for "grace". Although she was thinking of my graceful Polish wheel, I have another connection: my name is from the same roots.

Despite all these terrific suggestions full of humor and meaning and thought, two people came up with what was clearly meant to be. One posted it in the comments just as the other sent me an email. And the winning name is:

ANNABEL LEE from Rebecca and Diana!

"Annabel Lee" is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, author of "The Purloined Letter." Written to his late wife, it contains some of my favorite love lyrics:

We loved with a love that was more than love
And so, all the nighttide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling! my darling, my life, my bride.

(In the name of disclosure, I should tell you that, in good Poe fashion, he is talking about a dead woman.)

Go here for a truly creepy musical setting of the poem. And there is this. And then there has to be the Esperanto translation....

Thanks to all of you for playing. Congratulations to Rebecca and Diana! A wee little gift will be coming your way.


FemiKnitMafia said...

I didn't know Seamus Heaney before today, so thanks to you and, I'm in love. Now I know where to find beautiful words and a brogue when I'm stuck at work.

Angeluna said...

Annabel Lee, lovely name. So glad your beautiful wheel has chosen her identity. When I was a very small child, my father's bedtime stories were usually Poe, including Annabel Lee and the Raven. Now, you must picture that his brother was a well known actor famous for his booming voice and his diction. That theatricality was part of my bedtime entertainment. Most parents today wouldn't consider this appropriate material for a two year old, but it doesn't seem to have left psychological scars, except that every word of these poems is burned into my memory.

Anonymous said...

Good choice of names. But you are right that is a creepy song.

Susan in Sacramento

Sheepish Annie said...

Excellent choice! I'd forgotten all about that poem. I don't think I've read it since Jr. High, but it was one of my favorites back in the day.

Lolly said...

Oh, I should have done my research! That is (of course!) the perfect name for your wheel ;) Lovely!

Kate A. said...

Oh, of course! I think all of us who suggested anything other than 'Annabel Lee' have to now smack ourselves on the head and say, 'doh!'. It's perfect!


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