Thursday, August 10, 2006

K1, R1 (Knit One, Read One): This is How I Go

I recently read This Is How I Go When I Go Like This: Weaving and Spinning as Metaphor by Linda Collier Ligon.

This short book is made up of essays originally written for Handwoven Magazine. The chapters do not create a cohesive argument. Rather, each gem points to interesting ideas to be savored one by one.

In my favorite essay, Ligon talks about making many presents from one sweater: first a fleece, washed and carded and dyed, then the spun yarn, then the knitted sweater. She says that wool is “the gift that keeps giving.”

In another essay, she explores all the funnies she has gotten when spell-checking texts about weaving (“sley” turns to “sleepy”—just one of the many appropriate suggestions her computer offers her). Another chapter suggests that, instead of using “wove,” weavers substitute “weaved” as the past tense of the verb.

Some of the essays are full of delicious images. In one she talks about woven fabric made by school children with a warp of everything from chains of paperclips to the paper itself. Other essays are thoughtful meditations on the fiber arts. One especially moving chapter points out how diverse the membership of most guilds is. Rather than socializing exclusively with people like herself at church groups or neighborhood gatherings, Ligon was able to meet and become friends with all kinds of people via her spinning and weaving guild.

Ligon’s writing style is charming and inviting. The book would be an excellent vacation read.


Anonymous said...

Your review makes me want to read the book!

Susan in Sacramento

Caroline said...

I loved your review too. Sometimes I think that I enjoy reading about handcrafts more than I llike acutally doing them. Thanks for the comment on my questionaire answers. I thought it was fun too.

Sean said...

i'm so glad you posted this! I saw the book somewhere online and wanted to buy it just because of the title, but now I have to have it! :) Thanks!


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