Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why knit?

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I knit. I'm afraid the answer is not at all clear to me. Some reasons:

Yes, I like the finished products. And I like giving them to friends and family who appreciate them.

Knitting keeps my mind from wandering during lectures and conferences.

Sitting down with yarn in my hands is peaceful and quiet. Each stitch is a meditation.

Knitting allows me to work through whatever issues I'm facing in my writing. It gives me time to consider how to deal with complexities in my daily life. I'm not sure why something that requires some attention and focus allows my brain to do things it cannot do when left to its own devices, but there it is.

Knitting with my partner and son is a way to express our communal identity while we are doing our own thing. Both needs get fulfilled.

It is a creative process: art when I need to do art and craft when I need to do craft.

Producing knitting makes me proud of my skills, something I don't always feel.

Why do you knit?

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