Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Knitting Around

We went to the Takoma Park knitting group last night. It was packed! Amy's students were bearing beautiful feather-and-fan scarves-in-progress (and one gorgeous finished one). Another woman cast on lovely cabled socks, while another knitted a triangular shawl out of yarn she spun herself. Others were knitting assorted sweaters, hats, etc.

Son took the multicolored shawl he is knitting for Piglet. It is so many stitches wide now that he gets intimidated every time he contemplates getting all the way across. David almost finished a seed-stitch scarf for son. I worked on the first sleeve of the cabled cardigan. What a great pattern it is!

During the afternoon, Son had a very long playdate with a friend. As they ran around playing hide-and-seek all around me, I started the fingerless rib-and-cable mitts shown in the spring Interweave Knits. Lots of fun. AND THEY ARE NOT GREEN (except the trim...)

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