Monday, April 24, 2006

Belated Passover

Last night we had a mock Passover seder for some of Son's non-Jewish friends. A lovely evening with a lot of terrific children and fascinating parents. Son liked sharing his traditions with everyone. He certianly learned a lot writing the hagaddah for the evening, too.

As I was cooking, I kept making mistake after stupid mistake. Usually I'm a pretty instinctive cook who has a feel for what is cooking. But Passover cooking often does NOT seem instinctual to me (perhaps especially when it is no longer even Passover?). Finally I had to pull out my knitting and do a couple of rows just to restore my equilibrium. (I sound like a junkie....)

BTW, Kat Knits announced the winners of her contest (and I got an honorable mention!). There were some really hysterical posts submitted. Check them out!

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