Monday, April 24, 2006

A Birthday Present

I opened my birthday present from my brother: a basket from Senegal that is just the right size for my knitting. Right now, it is stuffed with the finished parts of the green cabled cardigan. How lovely! Thanks!

This morning, Son and I went to the park with some friends. Another mother and I sat on a bench and knit. The mother has been a crocheter for a long time--but I just won her over the dark side and now she's knitting. (If you convert enough people, does Headquarters send you the badge and the complimentary luggage? Or did they stop that in the 1980s?)


Deidre said...

The basket is great and I love your socks on the previous post.

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, what a beautiful basket, that's certainly the perfect gift for a dedicated knitter! And yay for recruiting others to knitting, that's always such a good thing to do! :)


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