Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Yesterday, Son and I went to the brand-new local yarn store in Chevy Chase to look around. Although the store is small, it has beautiful yarns and a lovely feel. I was hoping to pick up a pair of 5-inch DPNs for a sock-knitting fiesta at the conference this weekend. Unfortunately, their DPNs are not yet in stock. Hm. This may mean that I get to have to go to another knitting store this week....

It has been a couple of years since I made a sock. Just to make sure I remembered how, I took some ancient sock yarn with me on the bus and started knitting. I'm really not a pink person, but the color of this yarn is such a nice change from the green shawl and the green cardigan that I am in heaven. The only problem is that the yarn is broken in many, many places. I make just a couple of rounds before I come up with another loose end. (Did the moths get to it? Could that explain it?) There is no way I'm going to have two matching socks when I have to be using this stop, trim, and reattach method constantly.

And here's what I wore while I knit the new sock. They are the first socks I ever knitted.

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