Thursday, April 20, 2006

Knitting and Mending

Yesterday Son invited Friend for a playdate. They had a lovely time playing in the amazingly warm sunshine while I sat in the front yard knitting the new sock I started at a board meeting Sunday night. When the mother came at the end, she brought Friend's adorable 2yo brother. All the kids played while we chatted, surrounded by the huge vivid-pink azaleas planted in the front yard.

Last week the 2yo had what might have been a seizure. His parents are quite worried and we were talking in the yard about upcoming doctor's appointments, etc. The older kids picked up a piece of bamboo with a hard, dried rootball on one end. They started playing with it, getting more and more rambunctious. At some point they started swinging it around, first my son and then his friend. They were jubilant at the way the momentum of the stick carried them with it. When Friend tried, her little brother toddled into the path. Horribly and seemingly slowly, the mace struck the little boy on the head and knocked him down.

He screamed and cried and his mother took the boy in her arms. She was screaming and crying much more intensely than he was, and kept screaming in panic. Can you imagine how scary it must be given what had just happened a week before? She was so incredibly frightened.

We cleaned off the scrape and put ice on the bump as he latched on to nurse. Thank goodness he is still nursing! It gave him a way to comfort himself and us a way to know he was OK. (When a child is hurt too much to latch on, things get scary.)

I called David at the office to ask what we should do. While I was talking to him, 6yo Son said very calmly that in the case of a serious injury, the patient should be kept warm and calm in case of shock. He went to get the first-aid book that he had recently checked out of the library. I was proud that he had such a cool head during a time like this. Later, it made me laugh, too.

David suggested that if the boy remained conscious with clear eyes and could walk and talk, he was probably fine--but that if it would make the mother feel more comfortable, a visit to their doctor might make sense. We called her doctor's office and they said the same thing. So she planned to go in.

When the 2yo was ready to nurse, he stood up, pointed into the kitchen and said his word for coffee maker. (He is obsessed with household machines right now--especially vacuum cleaners!) We both laughed. The mother, hearing her child be his normal self, was greatly relieved. They did go in to the doctor and everything was fine. A happy ending to a scary afternoon.

I was very calm during the event, but in the evening I was so tense and negative that I asked to go to my favorite local cafe just to be in new scenery. I ordered a glass of wine, sat down with my knitting and finished the other side of the green cardigan (although there is a small problem with it...), and zoned out as David and Son played Set and did a little of their own knitting. By the time we left at 9pm, I was much more myself. Wine and knitting heal all wounds....

As we left, we waved to a small group of other knitters in the cafe. One hopped up to ask us if we had come looking for the knitting meet-up. We had not even known about any groups other than the Tuesday evening groups in Silver Spring and Takoma Park. Cool! Now we need to find a Sunday afternoon group....

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Anonymous said...

'Wine and knitting heal all wounds.' I love it.

This is a wonderfully written piece. You've captured the many emotions of a very intense day.

Thanks for sharing -- David


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