Sunday, August 10, 2008

Still Eating

We planned another all-local meal for our vacation Shabbat dinner. The meal was a recap of one we made last year on our North Carolina vacation (with a slight variation): local trout, swiss chard, bright yellow zucchini, onion, and tomato, cooked in a little leftover brown ale. Delicious, especially given that the only seasonings we had access to were salt and pepper. Just goes to show how important fresh ingredients can be.

Dessert? Local blueberries and locally-packaged pecan shortbread (a favorite childhood treat).

* * *

It has been a lovely vacation, but it is coming to an end. We are picking up our son at camp in just a few hours. I am missing him very much and worrying about him in the way only parents can do.

I still have lots of stories about what we’ve seen, heard, read, and knit while on our trip. Because of a very spotty internet connection, I’m a bit behind on the blogging. I am certainly missing reading everybody else’s blogs and I am really looking forward to being home. Perhaps that appreciation of home is the best part of vacation!

* * *

UPDATE: Happily, Son is back with us now--and, after many hours in the car with a stinging insect of some kind, we've finally pulled into a cheap highway motel for the evening. Home tomorrow by lunchtime!


Mouse said...

I'm glad to see that everyone is all back together and headed toward home. Seems like ALL of you had an adventure!

Beany said...

I've enjoyed reading about your vacation and all your meals. The meals look so delicious!


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