Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guest Post: Artist's Palate

Food runs in the family. Thanks, Son, for the following--especially your amazing title pun.

* * *

I love looking at the pictures of packed meals at the Vegan Lunch Box--but because I am homeschooled, I usually don't have to pack my lunch. Today, to celebrate my first day of homeschool, I packed a picnic for myself.

I decided to pack the fixings for Faces, one of my favorite lunches. In addition to my bamboo spreader and a cloth napkin, I took rice cakes, peanut butter, raisins, dried coconut, two blackberries, a few cherry tomatoes, some sweet red pepper slices, and a few green beans. I also packed two tiny "donut" peaches that we found at the farmer's market.

I unpacked my picnic in the backyard and started spreading primer on my canvas.

Here are the portraits I made today:

And here is the sculpture:


* * *

I also like to make faces with hummus instead of peanut butter. Bean sprouts, carrots, olive slices, cucumbers, and broccoli pieces make great decorations.

Sometimes I make monsters with long teeth, aliens with antennae, and animals with whiskers.


Martha H said...

Thank you, "son," for such a great post. I really enjoyed it!

cici said...

Great job!!what creative lunches you came up with. They are beautiful and I am sure they taste delicious. Donut peaches are my favorites.:D


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