Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tipsy the Teletubby

I've forgotten what brought it up, but David and I spent a little while in the car the other day trying to explain to our 9yo son what the Teletubbies were.

Just the fact that he heard of neither the Teletubbies nor Barney makes me feel like a success as a parent.

Instead, our then-toddler spent his screen time with those martini-swilling detectives Nick and Nora.

So... of course, we reasoned that Tinky Winky needs a little skewer and olive in his headpiece--and a new name: Tipsy (instead of Dipsy).

David and I were so proud of ourselves for coming up with this idea--but, well, it is no surprise that the brains at the Simpsons had already thought of it. (Love the woman symbol, too.)

1 comment:

Woolysheep said...

The folks on the "Arthur" children's show took on the Teletubbies with each of the little tubbie's antennae being one of various monetary symbols.


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