Thursday, August 07, 2008

Motel Okra

On our drive down to North Carolina, we spent one night in a roadside motel. When we woke up in the morning and walked in the light to the office to turn in our keys and fill up our coffee mugs, I could not believe my eyes:

What a great place to plant this beautiful plant (which yields my favorite vegetable!):


Red said...

I love Okra. My most favorite was is pickled, but I wil eat it fried, or in a stew. Those pictures are so purdy!

Carrie K said...

I wonder if it was on purpose? I miss okra. I used to eat scads of it at our office luncheons.

Great bookstore! Clearly discerning.

Chile said...

oh, is that what it looks like on the plant? How neat!

Donna Lee said...

As I stopped at a local gas station to sign away my life for a tank of gas, I noticed that their landscaping was a little different than the usual. When we were leaving, we saw that they had tomatoes and peppers and basil all growing in the little bed by the roadside. It was wonderful! I wondered how much trouble they had with vandals but it all looked to be in good shape.

The Purloined Letter said...

Yep--it certainly looked like it was on purpose. It may not be clear, but this okra bed was between the main parking lot and the pool. It would be very hard for it to have been an accident!

Thanks, Donna Lee, for sharing the gas station story. I think it is pretty cool that so many people have found a way to use the land around them so productively!

Chile said...

Someone at the CSA just mentioned yesterday that okra was one of the few vegetables that grew really well in her garden this year. Apparently her neighbor doesn't think much of her gardening ability because he was amazed she had so many okra on it. :)


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