Monday, August 25, 2008

BYOG--Bring Your Own Garden

Son has inspired me to create a fancy lunch box for Papa/David. After spending the weekend in our garden, at our friends' farm, and at the farmer's market, I decided to put together an all-local meal so David could take a little of the garden along with him.

* * *

To start his meal is a big chopped garden salad--all from our garden. On a bed of swiss chard leaves and stems are various other raw vegetables, including diced green beans, yellow zucchini, and chioggia beet. In the little container is red pepper dressing.

* * *

Counter-clockwise from the top of the Laptop Lunch:

Lima beans (from our local farmer's market) kissed by homegrown red pepper lips

Sauteed beet greens (from our own garden)
topped with twice-cooked grits rectangles* (the cornmeal was grown and milled at our son's camp)
with a couple of cherry tomatoes (from our local farmer's market) squished in the corners

Scuppernongs (from the farmer's market we visited while we were on vacation)

Blackberries (from our local farmer's market)

* * *

And in David's water bottle is lemon verbena tea brewed with a touch of our homegrown stevia. Both verbena and stevia are very easy to grow as long as you pinch them back regularly, and they are make a fantastic combo.

* * *

*Twice-Cooked Grits are just like polenta squares. Chill your leftover morning grits in a greased container. When the grits turn into a firm mass, dump it out and slice. Pan fry the slices in a bit of oil.


Mouse said...

Those Laptop lunch containers are so cool! I've been eying them up since I found Vegan Lunchbox a year or so ago but I never bought one. My husband 'eats on the run' and the wee one prefers dry cereal in a thermos that he can add milk to at lunch. Admittedly though I'd probably go overboard with those little bento samwich slicers and things if I had one..

The Purloined Letter said...

I'm always afraid I could get sucked into this subworld, too. Son doesn't go to school and David usually takes leftovers in a metal tiffin. I was planning to give the Laptop Lunch to a young friend as a birthday present -- but I'm afraid I got too excited to keep myself from opening it...

Red said...

I love grits, but never thought to do with them what you posted. I am so there! I love polenta!

mikaela said...

That looks fabulous! :)


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