Friday, August 01, 2008

Day at the Farms

This year's county farm tour was a two day event for us.

On Saturday, David and Son headed out while I enjoyed some quiet work at home. In addition to bringing home plenty of vegetables, they got the opportunity to visit our county's beautiful alpacas:

* * *

They also picked a couple of quarts of the most luscious blackberries I've had--well, since we picked at the same place last year. Blackberry jam is my all-time favorite spread for my toast, but after I had one of these, I knew it would be impossible to pass up enjoying them fresh this time.

* * *

On Sunday, I joined them. We picked up some more bulk veggies--including tomatoes for drying. Then we headed off for the relatively new winery in the county.

And here we had our local meal of the week. David and I sat on the open terrace, under a shady umbrella, enjoying an official wine tasting as well as a plate of silver goat cheese from a neighboring farm. The wine was excellent, the cool breeze a lovely change from the last few steamy days, and the sophistication factor immense (especially after Son headed off with a few other kids to play in the vineyard). Peace.

Yes--I realized after I returned home (still a-glow from the wine-tasting) that I had violated my July rules without even realizing it. Sigh. Delicious, all the same. And local.


Carrie K said...

Cute alpacas. Delicious looking berries.

You violated your own rules? How?

cici said...

sounds like a perfect trip. Great photos. the berries look delicious :D

Veggie Mom said...

Does that alpaca in the top pic have a name? I showed him/her to The Wild One, and she said, "Aw, Mom--I want one of THOSE for my birthday!" She's 18 today, and I can't quite believe it!

The Purloined Letter said...

For the month's food rules, click on the link in the post for an explanation. At some point, I'll write a wrap-up of my experiences and feelings about the challenge.

The alpaca would make a really wonderful birthday present--especially if your daughter is interested in spinning and knitting its fiber!


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