Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Defining Local

So we can't do it very effectively yet, but we're working on it:

Check out Path to Freedom's 100 Foot Diet
Growing Closer to Home: A Lifelong Challenge™

As the PTF folks say,

It wasn’t that long ago (1940s) that people planted Victory Gardens when it became necessary for them, due to wartime shortages, to grow their own food. Now, it’s our turn! If you want to fight against peak oil, climate change and our consumerist culture, then join us and start a living protest right in your own back (front) yards. Be the change, live the solution! Use your yard (or balcony or porch steps) not only to grow food but also to cultivate a healthier and more fulfilling life.

There have been 100 mile diet and other eat local challenges. PTF’s homegrown revolutionaries are upping the ante by reducing the mileage to a few steps—to right outside your back or front door.

The challenge is simple. Beginning as soon as you can, prepare a meal at least once a week with only homegrown vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs, dairy products or meat, using as few store bought ingredients as possible.

The purpose is plain—the waging of an all-out fight against the forces that keep you dependent on the system of petroleum fueled food. The degree to which you rely on today’s artificial corporate structure determines the extent of your vulnerability. Resolve to lessen your dependence on outside food sources.

The result is revolutionary. As you take back responsibility for your food supply, you’ll experience the empowerment and fulfillment that comes from learning the basic skills of providing for yourself and your family.

Let’s sow the seeds of victory and get our hands dirty to fill our plates!

Check out the site for the full details. Want to join me?


Molly said...

We have been making all kinds of shifts to bring it more local, more organic, healthier. It's a slow process, but a good idea! :)

Frogdancer said...

I did this last night!! Well, almost...

Spaghetti bolognaise. Sauce used a leek instead of an onion, because I have about a trillion leeks in the vegie garden at the moment. Tomatoes, basil, oregano and 4 silver beet leaves (to get some vegetables into Connor without him realising.)

The only ingredients that weren't produced from the backyard were the pasta, mince, tomato paste and wine. It tasted beautiful, and I was really proud of myself.

Today I'll be making and freezing a bucketfull of leek and potato soup. It's hard work maintaining a vegie garden in the midst of an 11 year drought...


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