Monday, January 21, 2008

B is for Blocked, Black, and Beaded

David, Son and I drove down to Boynton Beach to visit D's parents for a few days. The drive was long but full of lots to listen to on the iPod, some good conversation, a stop in lovely St. Augustine, and lots and lots of rain.

When we arrived at my inlaw's house, I presented to its recipient the big "mystery" knitting project I've been writing about: the Mystery Stole 3. (I held these blocking pictures until the gift was given. My mother-in-law looks beautiful in the stole. Pictures of her wearing it tomorrow!)

Here it is, stretched out on a beach towel since I realized just in time that I can't stick pins in the heated mattress pad currently on our bed:

Although I started the Mystery Stole along with everybody else, it took a long vacation when the design for the wing was revealed. Since I had planned to knit the shawl for my mother-in-law primarily because of the designer's history of classic designs, I was torn. Although I now honestly think she would love the look and enjoy it very much, I wimped out and went with the safer symmetrical choice.

I had planned to graft the two ends together, a la Snail Spirals, rather than interrupt the lace pattern. (Go check out her gorgeous shawl!) After giving up on getting a decent graft, I decided to try the lace panel instead:

The title of the post refers to beads. Don't see them? Look closer. Keep looking.

Next time I think I will use larger beads....



Carrie said...

B is also for beautiful!!!

Sara said...

What a beautiful stole.

I saw a sample shawl at a fiber fest where sections had been done with three different beads - one section with one bead, then a section with another, etc. The section with beads that matched the fiber really well in color faded into the shawl and you barely saw them. The vendor said that it was to show that beads that really "pop" are great - you want some contrast in them ;)

Mind you, I have yet to really do much with beaded knitting - the only time I did I picked out beads that added a third color I was looking for - rather than trying to match the yarn itself.

What a great gift though.

Frogdancer said...

Surely after giving such a beautiful thing you must be the favourite daughter-in-law....?

Sheepish Annie said...

It's gorgeous...just gorgeous!

The Purloined Letter said...

Ha! Frogdancer, I am always the favorite DIL--only because I am the only one!

Carrie K said...

That is a gorgeous stole!

Katie K said...

Beautiful job. I made it as written and feel that the original, while interesting, has serious draping issues. Since the ends don't match but are the best parts, the design on one end is obscured when overlapped. I really like the way you did it. Bravo!

Cash Gifting Leads said...

I agree b is beautiful


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