Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Breakfast on the Road

I think I realized food could be a form of prayer while we were on the road. The billboard before the exit in Dunn, North Carolina proclaims:

"Triangle Waffle House. Jesus Christ is Lord."

Every year on our drive to my family on the eve of Christmas Eve, David and I and our son stop here for breakfast after spending the night in a $20-a-night motel in Rocky Mount. (If their waffles are good enough for Jesus, they are good enough for this Jewish family.) This year, December 23rd was on a Sunday. We were very disappointed to find the restaurant was closed. (Check out the above links. They are thrown in sort of randomly, but they are both doosies.)

We searched for an alternative. Nothing was quite as inspiring--but when we got to South Carolina, we ran across a few interesting choices. We knew all about International House of Pancakes--but we passed the Southern Pancake House, the National House of Pancakes, the American House of Pancakes, and even the Pan-American House of Pancakes.

We also passed a gun and ammo shop that had a big sign saying "Happy Birthday Jesus"--but they didn't serve breakfast....


Mikaiya said...

My parents are going to retire in Rocky Mount (in a number of years, but still). Your post gives me hope of entertainment there, if there are waffles good enough for Jesus...

cici said...

I have relatives that also went to Rocky Mount after retirement... Lovely little city.


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