Tuesday, January 29, 2008

B is for Bombyx Silk

Bombyx is "cultivated" silk--that is, silk from domesticated silk worms usually raised indoors and hand-fed--as opposed to the wild Tussah silk.

What I have here is silk noils. Noil is the short fiber (or snarls) left over after processing the silk fiber. It is super cheap--basically because it is just waste fiber. It gives sort of a nubbly tweedy look to yarn.

For my continuing alphabetical fiber game, I plan to combine this with Bombyx with Angora. Kind of a crazy combination--but that is exactly the point of this ABC fiber adventure. Stay tuned!



Carrie K said...

And then knit cables?

Maybe not. ;)

lillysmuul said...

wow! you have really interesting game going on here!!!
Looking forward to see yarn!

Melinda said...

Wow, that sounds fabulous. I have so much to learn from you in the way of knitting and fabrics! I'm excited you're joining The Growing Challenge, by the way!!


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