Saturday, April 26, 2008

All-Local Seder

Last night we had a Passover seder with David's parents, in town for the Jewish holiday as well as for two family birthdays. For this meal, we decided to make it all locally grown, with only a couple of exceptions. And we couldn't get matzah locally and decided not to make it from scratch this year.

On the seder plate:

--Parsley and lettuce from our garden for the karpas and chazeret, symbols partly of spring
--Charoset made from local apples, walnuts, honey, and a little leftover sweet local wine. Since we could not source local raisins, we just left them out of the recipe and everything turned out just fine.
--Local horseradish for the maror.
--a local egg from our Amish dealer--beitzah
--a non-local beet to stand in the place of the z'roa, or shankbone.

* * *

For our all-local dinner, we had a gorgeous leg of lamb rubbed with garlic and rosemary. Many Ashkenazic Jews do not eat lamb on Passover, and many Sephardic Jews define it as the food of choice during Passover. We, like many American Jews, don't typically serve it the first night but enjoy it later in the holiday.

We also had baked potatoes with fresh sour cream as well as a stir-fried medley of onions, mushrooms, and rapini. (I've always called rapini by its other name, broccoli raab--but my father-in-law does not eat broccoli so it seemed the name switch was in order.)

For dessert: chocolate ice-cream from our Amish dairy supplier made with his milk, cream, and eggs, a neighbor's maple syrup, and non-local chocolate. What a sweet finish!

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