Thursday, April 10, 2008

Visiting the Past

We spent the morning exploring farm skills at Claude Moore Colonial Farm. What a lovely day! The combination of lovely weather, a fascinating place, and a bunch of good homeschooling friends made it a wonderful place to be.

First, the obligatory fiber pics. Son got to card the wool of sheep that live on the farm. Here he is, figuring out how to share the experience with the most adorable little fiber convert I've seen:

Then they took the fiber they carded to women who showed them how to make yarn with drop spindles. Many of the kids in our group have done a lot of spinning a home, and I think the volunteer spinners were totally taken off guard by the knowledge of these youngsters.

But alas, work on a farm is not all about fiber.

So we dipped candles:

And then we headed off to grind corn. Here is Son's friend at work. (Incidentally, she shares both my first and middle name, both very old-fashioned names.)

Then off for some play.

Playing hoops, Colonial style:


Throwing corn cobs with feathers stuck in them through hanging hoops:

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Mouse said...

That sounds like a lot of fun.. y'all do some really fun homeschooling type stuff. I'd be in for way to much of a fight from my inlaws for me to even think seriously about homeschooling our son.


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